When Roberto Robledo was only 13 years old, he made his first pair of “sicodelico” style boots in his father’s
boot shop in Juárez, Mexico.

“In Mexico, if a family owns a boot shop, it means everyone in that family knows how to make shoes and boots,
especially my parents are from León Guanajuato,” Robledo said. “It is the capital of shoes and boots in Mexico.
More than 80 percent of the people there are shoes and boots makers.”

After working for 16 years in other people’s shops, Robledo opened Robledo’s Boot Maker in Albuquerque in
1994. He said he is dedicated to the craft.

“My first job was a boot maker, and now I’m still a boot maker.” Robeldo said.
Robledo has five children, yet none are boot makers.

“I understand this. They have their vision of life,” he said. “For making boots, you need to like it and have
passion on it. Also it takes a lot of time.”

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