Linda McCormick, a pollution-prevention expert with a biochemistry degree from UC Berkeley, said recycling was not a priority at the University when she first became a resource conservation manager for the UNM Recycling Program in 2003.

McCormick said she is proud to watch the program grow, and that UNM recycled 125,000 tons of material last year. McCormick said the recycling program includes eight staff members who pick up recyclable materials from all over campus every day. She said staff members separate the recyclable materials into different categories to put into bales, which are then sold to a range of recycling companies. She said the program helps the University save a lot of money on trash disposal.

McCormick said the program utilizes a lot of unused items from other departments. She said the program reuses trash bins from Athletics, which adds a great component to the recycling program.

The UNM Recycling Program welcomes students, staff and faculty members to drop off recyclable trash at their location next to Tucker Avenue and Camino del Servicio on North Campus.

By Junfu Han
The plastic bottles and aluminum cans are being dropped off outside the recycling facilities waiting to be hand-separated by recycling techs.