Attempted break-in reported in R-Lot
Ivy Lewis reported to UNMPD on Oct. 26 that someone attempted to break into her car while it was parked in R-Lot. According to the police report, the driver’s side window was broken and the ignition appeared to have been tampered with. When police examined the car, they found what appeared to be several burglary tools the suspect had left in the car. Fingerprints were taken from the tools and sent to the state lab for further investigation. A canvass was conducted and no unusual activity was reported. There were no further leads at the time of the report.

Computer reported stolen from SUB lab
Between Oct. 28 and 29, an unknown suspect stole a computer that belonged to UNM from the SUB. According to the UNMPD report, UNM student and staff member Carlos Gonzalez reported the incident, and said the unknown suspect cut the security cable and that the computer was small enough to fit into a backpack. The computer, valued at $700, was entered in the National Crime Information Center database. There were no witnesses and no further information was available at the time of the report.

UNMPD: attempted vehicle theft in M-Lot
When Joseph Garcia returned for his car in M-Lot the night of Oct. 30, he noticed his keyhole looked different, according to a police report. Upon further inspection on Nov. 1, he realized it was pushed in and separated from the door, according to the UNMPD report. Garcia told police that pry marks were visible under the door handle, which the officer confirmed. There were no witnesses or further information available at the time of the report.

Cops: man arrested for drug paraphernalia
UNMPD was dispatched to the Duck Pond on Nov. 2 in response to a man “acting suspicious and attempting to smoke marijuana,” according to the report. The officer arrived at about 5:30 p.m. and found four people sitting on the west side of the pond. The officer reported noticing marijuana paraphernalia on Clay Fosse’s leg. According to the report, Fosse said he had a medical license for the pipe, but did not have it on him. The officer also found a butterfly knife in Fosse’s pocket. UNM Dispatch confirmed Fosse was on probation, and the officer informed Adult Probation about the incident. An arrest order was and Fosse was placed under arrest and taken to the Prisoner Transport Center without incident.

UNMPD: computer tower stolen from SUB
An unknown suspect stole a computer tower from the computer lab in the SUB on Nov. 4. According to the UNMPD report, Demeng Zhangchai, the lab monitor, had to step out of the room a few times and was unable to see everything that was happening in the lab. Zhangchai gave UNMPD a description and they attempted to locate the suspect. UNMPD was unable to obtain latent fingerprints. The computer, valued at $700, was entered into the National Crime Information Center database. There were no additional witnesses and no further leads at the time of the report.

Repeated, harassing calls reported at UNMH
A UNMPD officer was dispatched to the UNMH Outpatient Surgery and Imaging Services on Nov. 5 after Theresa Rael reported that a man calling himself “James Cody” had been harassing her with phone calls. According to the report, “Cody” would call Rael and demand to speak to Lynette Candelaria.

Candelaria had been receiving the harassing and threatening phone calls for about a week, the report said. “Cody” had been threatening to arrest Candelaria over what he said was an outstanding loan of $345.

“Cody” called again while the officer was taking the report. “Cody” gave the officer threats and profanity when the officer tried to get information from him over the phone, and when told he needed to stop calling, “Cody” told the officer “Go ahead, you can’t do a f***ing thing to me, you can’t trace my phone,” according to the report.

The officer told Candelaria to contact credit bureaus to place a watch on her credit and advised her not to respond to the phone calls. The case is considered to be closed pending further leads.