Laptop reported stolen from George Pearl Hall
UNMPD was dispatched to George Pearl Hall on Nov. 6 in response to a theft in the drafting department. According to the police report, UNM student Samuel Escoto left his laptop locked in a desk at 3:15 p.m. that day, and when he returned for it at 4 p.m., he discovered the lock had been pried open and the laptop was stolen.
According to the report, people can gain access to the drafting department with a key card, but there are no cameras in the area. The report states that theft has been an ongoing problem in the department, but that not all thefts are reported. Information about the laptop was entered into the National Crime Information Center database and the case in considered closed pending further leads.

Cops: violent drunk man arrested by bus stop
On Nov. 7, UNMPD responded to a call about a man urinating on the Communication and Journalism Building. Upon arriving, the responding officer was informed that there were two men fighting at the bus stop at Yale and Central boulevards. The officer gave the men criminal trespass warnings before asking them to leave, according to the report. One man left, and the other, Marty Harrison, ignored the warning and walked toward the building. The officer began to escort Harrison to the police car when he passed out and fell on the grass, so the officer called rescue and had him transported for extreme intoxication.

UNMPD: sofas stolen from SRC loading dock
An unknown suspect stole used sofas, valued at $600, from the SRC loading dock on Nov. 8, according to a UNMPD report. The remaining sofas were brought back into the building. No further information was available at the time of the report.

Elevator panel in Yale structure damaged
UNM staff member Richard Kozel reported to UNMPD that an unknown suspect had punched the metal plate above the elevator button in the Yale Parking Structure on Nov. 8. According to the report, the plate was bent so that the lower part had popped out of place. The damage was estimated at about $100. No further information was available at the time of the report.

Report: vehicle in T-Lot stolen on Nov. 12
UNM student Brianne Lucero parked her car in T-Lot on Nov. 12, and when she returned found that her car was missing. According to the report, the UNMPD officer placed an attempt-to-locate on the car and put the information into the National Crime Information Center database. The case is considered to be closed pending further leads.

Report: fight at Lobo Village leads to arrest
UNMPD responded to a call from Lobo Village from UNM student Chelsea Gauthier about a domestic dispute on Nov. 14. According to the report, Gauthier said she got into an argument with her boyfriend, UNM student Anthony Hooks. Gauthier said she tried to leave but that Hooks stopped her and threw a 750 milliliter bottle of liquor at the right side of her face. The officer noted in the report that there were no visible injuries. Gauthier told police that Hooks then took her car keys and drove off in her car without her permission.

While officers were present, Hooks called Gauthier, and she put him on speakerphone so the officers could hear and record the call. According to the report, Gauthier told him she had called the police, and Hooks said he had a .45 caliber Magnum handgun and was going to shoot himself because he “could not go to jail,” according to the report. Hooks said if he saw any officers he would immediately shoot himself, according to the report.

The officer tried to speak with Hooks, but he hung up immediately. Gauthier said Hooks was either at a McDonalds on Tramway Boulevard or at his home. Hooks was arrested on charges unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, battery on a household member and domestic violence, the report stated.