Car parked at Woodward Center has tires slashed
UNM staff member Isabella Oms drove away from the east parking lot at Woodward Center on Nov. 15 and noticed her car was driving “weird.” According to the UNMPD report, Oms discovered both tires on the right side of the vehicle were cut and flat. There was no suspect information at the time of the report, and the case is considered to be closed pending further leads.

Motorcycle by Farris Center reported stolen
Jay McCabe parked his motorcycle on the north side of Farris Engineering Center at about 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 21. According to a UNMPD report, when McCabe came back at 2 p.m., he found it had been stolen. The officer entered the motorcycle information into the National Crime Information Center database. The case is considered to be closed, pending further leads.

Stereo reported stolen from car in R-Lot
While UNM student Dakota Vigil’s car was parked in R-Lot on Nov. 16, an unknown suspect broke in, stole the car stereo and damaged the ignition. According to the UNMPD report, Vigil had locked all her doors when she parked the car there a few days prior. She was also said her registration, insurance card, paycheck information with her Social Security number, a micro USB charger and an auxiliary cord for her radio, amounting to a combined value of $149, were missing from the car. The report notes that someone may have used a yellow screwdriver to pry open the door and left the yellow handle on the seat. The officer dusted for fingerprints but was unable to obtain any. No further information was available at the time of the report.

Cops: man arrested at UNM for trespassing
On Nov. 16, two UNMPD officers were flagged down by a man who pointed out a group of three individuals walking around campus with a laptop that the man said did not appear to belong to them. According to the report, one of the men was trying to open the laptop but when he could not figure out how to do so, he put it down and they left. The officers found the group but not the laptop, and identified one of them as Jay Padilla. Padilla has been banned from campus for alleged liquor violations and suspected theft, according to the police report. Police have issued him criminal trespass notifications on campus, but Padilla has ignored them, the report said. The officers arrested Padilla for trespassing, and found he had an outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrant for drinking in public.

UNMPD: underage drinkers at party in SRC
A resident adviser at a Student Residence Center (SRC) apartment noticed a party while conducting a routine patrol and contacted UNMPD the night of Nov. 20. According to the report, all eight of the occupants were underage, and five were UNM students. The officer informed them that because they were cooperative during the interview, they would file a report and take no further action as long as they were not involved in any incidents thereafter. Everyone but the apartment’s residents was told to leave, and they complied peacefully. The case is “considered exceptionally cleared.”