UNMPD sent out the following email to students at around 1 p.m. Monday:

UNM police are searching for two black college age males who groped a female student as she was running around Johnson Field late Sunday afternoon.

The student said she was running near the tennis courts when she saw the men approaching her from of the opposite direction. As she ran past them, the men detained her and began groping her. The female student began screaming and the two men ran to their car and drove away.

One man was six foot. The other was five foot seven inches. Both were wearing black sweat pants and black hoodies. They jumped into a compact dark blue car with tinted windows. Police are asking that you contact police dispatch at 277-2241 if you see anyone acting suspiciously or matching this description.

UNM police also remind students to travel in groups when possible and to call police dispatch if an escort is needed.”