CNN just lost its credibility as a broadcast news outlet, and it all started with “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart.

Monday night, “The Daily Show” featured a segment about CNN’s recent cuts to its investigative reporting unit. The segment was a humorous take on what looks to be a more serious problem.

“Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver spoke with Kaj Larsen, one of the reporters laid off, who is now working at a gym and using his real-world experiences to help write for the HBO show “The Newsroom.”

Oliver also talked to Horizon Media’s senior vice president, Brad Adgate, about the future of investigative journalism. Turns out, it isn’t profitable.

“But these are good stories, Brad.”

“Yeah, but there are a lot of good stories out there that we’ll never know.”

Where are entities such as CNN getting these ideas about what people want? Last I checked, people don’t appreciate being bulls***ted. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them that withholding the truth is the same game as lying? As long as we operate with the bottom line at the top of our priority list, there will be a lack of integrity in important professions such as journalism.