Have you ever wondered why it’s called “wireless Internet” when the moment you leave the room with your router in it, your signal connection strength drops to one bar or disappears entirely? Well, for everyone who hates being chained to their routers either by an Ethernet cable or a ridiculously small effective wireless range, try this tip from gizmodo.com. It won’t increase your router’s overall wireless signal strength, but it will focus the entire signal onto one area, which can increase signal range and provide a relative boost to signal strength for devices within that area.

Get an empty soda can. Or, buy yourself a soda and drink it. Then, clean out the can, and pull off the tab.

Note: The next few steps should be done wearing protective gloves.

Use a box cutter, or scissors made to cut metal, and cut off the bottom of the can where it joins to the sides. Do the same for the top, but don’t cut off the top completely; leave it attached to the can by a small strip of about one inch in length.

Exactly opposite from the strip securing the top to the can, cut the can completely from top to bottom and pull back both sides, slightly flattening the sides to make the can resemble a radar dish.

Slide the router’s antenna through the hole in the top of the can. Secure the can to the router using tape or poster tack.

The can will focus the entire wireless signal onto a single area of your choosing. Aim the new antenna in the direction you want coverage, and bend the antenna accordingly to shape the signal’s direction more precisely.

Additionally, attaching pieces of aluminum foil to enhance the size of the antenna and restructure its shape can help adjust the projection of the wireless signal more finely.