Various media outlets received an anonymous letter alleging that Lobo head football coach Bob Davie discriminates against players based on their race. The Daily Lobo did not receive the letter, but learned about it at Wednesday’s National Signing Day press conference.

Shortly after the press conference, Lobo athletic director Paul Krebs sent a statement by email that University officials concluded the allegations cited in an anonymous letter were false after reviewing the letter and speaking with Davie.

“We firmly believe, based on the information we have and the fact that the letter was sent anonymously, that the allegations are unfounded and untrue,” Krebs said in the email.

The letter, which was signed “Sincerely, UNM Senior Football Players,” also claims Davie penalizes black players more harshly than he does white players.

At the press conference, Davie said the letter was nothing more than a farce.

He described his reaction as “probably the same reaction that it’s been through my 35 years of broadcasting and coaching, that anonymous letters are anonymous letters. … there’s no reason to defend an anonymous letter; it’s par for the course. There’s no underreaction and overreaction.”

Davie said anonymous letters like the one sent to various news outlets are nothing new to him.

“We might be releasing statements every day if we start releasing statements on anonymous letters,” he said.

Davie held a press conference regarding the anonymous letter on Thursday but the Daily Lobo was unable to attend.