Today’s Exposing the Occult features work from 27-year-old, Maryland native Jamie Kovach. Kovach is a third year Visual Arts graduate student at UNM who is preparing for her thesis exhibition, which opens April 5 at 5G Noth Gallery.

Kovach received her undergrad in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008 and subsequently worked as a commercial graphic designer until 2010, when she left the field to go back to school to, as she put it, “do my own thing.”

Kovach practices in both photography and painting, both of which she said she enjoys for different reasons.

“I like painting for the fact that there are no limits in it, such as in photography. If I want to paint an image of an exploding volcano with fireworks in the background I can do just that,” she said. “But I like that photography evokes reality.”

Kovach says that she cannot stay in the state when she finishes her program but has enjoyed her time in New Mexico. “I like it here, I love the program (UNM’s MFA) and my peers, it’s a great environment to work in and I will surely miss all things stereotypical, the sun, the mountains, green chile…” Kovach said.

These images on this and the front page are from Kovach’s project titled “Sweet Nothings.”

“This body of work is primarily an indulgence in guilty pleasures represented in the love of Kitsch and all things tacky,” she said.