Casey Crawford
biology, senior

“I definitely dress for comfort. I guess I’m into color too, so a mixture of that. But other than that, fashion’s kind of like art: it’s really versatile. I don’t think one person can judge another person’s art.”

Crawford mixes bold prints with simple color, and looks for affordable clothing wherever she goes.

Favorite fashion trend: “Flannel is pretty awesome. I like flannel. Other than that, I just buy what I like and wear whatever’s comfortable, whatever I can throw together because I’m in school, I’m so busy.”

Least favorite fashion tend: “I don’t like really high heels, especially at school. Like dude, what are you thinking? You’re in college.”

Advice to a fashion-defunct friend: “If you’re comfortable in it, that’s what’s most important because that’s when you’re the most confident. Matching, maybe, I guess it depends on the situation. I don’t really know, I would probably just be like, ‘Bro, you need to change your shirt.’”

Headband — Forever 21, $4
Shirt — Borrowed from boyfriend
Coat — Burton, $80
Pants — Target, $10
Shoes — Vans, birthday gift

David Baca
mechanical engineering, sophomore

“Because of my jawline, I like to highlight things with colors, because that brings out the jawline, which looks good.”

David hits up Buffalo Exchange to try his luck finding fashionable clothes.

Favorite fashion trend: “I just like to see good-looking people.”

Least favorite fashion trend: “Stretched ears, I don’t like that. Weird shoes and hipster glasses. It’s confusing for me — I’m face blind so when I see someone with hipster glasses I think they’re all the same.”

Advice to a fashion-defunct friend: “Choose things that complement you, your skin tone and your features.”

Hat — Amazon, $15
Shirt — can’t remember where he got it or how much it cost
Jacket — Buffalo Exchange, $60
Pants — Marine base in California
Boots — Army Surplus, $120