Now is the time to take a step forward and join many of us in a new century. While the apologists proffer excuses and shining testaments to the “good things Sen. Domenici did, separate from his sex life,” let us hope you remember these sentiments for others.

When Domenici voted to impeach former president Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, called it tawdry and said truthfulness is a pillar of character, who should have had more understanding of the errors humans make than him?

It’s time to stop being the moral police, judge and jury when looking at the errors of your foes and find the heart of a saint when excusing the behaviors of your allies. The time should be now, while the right wing seems to be caught in the throes of understanding how good people make bad decisions, to move forward from morals and bedroom policing as a party platform. The GOP is rife with official after official caught in scandalous, illegal, or, at best, questionable behavior, certainly enough to warrant a pause to think that bad decision-making and errors aren’t just for polarizing voters, or committed by only one party.

The veil of hypocrisy is slipping away, GOP. Let it go — become rational human beings with character. It suits the modern narrative more than your shrill shrieking as moral police until one of your own wolves is caught lying with the sheep.

Jason Stafford
UNM student