The president of CNM announced Wednesday that the CNM Chronicle can resume operations immediately and that Chronicle staff members have their jobs back. If you’re unclear as to what I’m talking about, see the story on Page 1. I see this decision as a victory in the name of free speech and in the ongoing battle to keep student publications free of administrative oversight.

My decision to censor the Daily Lobo’s print edition in solidarity with the Chronicle received a mixed bag of responses. Some felt it was a bold and courageous move that showed the Lobo’s support for the Chronicle, while others felt it ironic and self-deprecating to censor in the name of censorship. I understand both sides. My intention was to take an action too bold to be ignored by the larger media outlets in the state and consequently encourage ongoing media coverage and an ongoing dialogue concerning the situation at the Chronicle.

By Tuesday morning, articles about my decision to censor the Daily Lobo and the reason behind it appeared on the Albuquerque Journal, KOB, KOAT and KRQE websites. My fear was that the tyrannical actions of the CNM administration would quickly become yesterday’s news, and I think I helped prevent that. By Tuesday afternoon, CNM President Kathie Winograd announced the administration’s decision to back down. I can’t say how much of an effect my actions had on the president’s decision, or if they had any effect at all, but I’m pleased the Chronicle is back in business. I’m also pleased the Daily Lobo had an opportunity to show its support and take a stand in vehement opposition to censorship.

Elizabeth Cleary
Daily Lobo editor-in-chief