I enjoy walking many miles in town — shirt-free, in shorts and straw hat — in the brilliant sunshine. I appreciate conversations, friendly waves and honks, sexy whistles and yells and eating much fruit. My long walks are my personal parade for health, sunshine, exercise, naked-body freedom, gay liberation, living simply and opposing cars.

Sunbathing benefits us greatly if we eat only raw plant foods — no meat, no dairy, no processed vegetable oils, no booze, no junk food, no cooked food — and use no drugs, no sunscreen, no soap, no cosmetics and smoke no cigarettes. Whole, raw plant foods — dark greens, ripe fruit, seeds, nuts, soaked grain — provide the nutrients our bodies need in order to benefit from the sun’s strong energy. We are playing dangerously with the fire in the sky if we do not follow the above. If I had known and followed all of this through my decades of sunbathing, my skin now might be less weathered and wrinkled.

Never burn. Start with a couple minutes front and back on your naked body, gradually lengthening to an hour or more daily. On warm days, lie in the sun early in the morning when it feels good. Do not lie and fry in misery.

Sunlight lowers high blood pressure, high blood sugar and total body cholesterol. Sunlight strengthens muscles. Sunlight improves resistance to infection, the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and the heart’s output. Sunlight stimulates production of sex and other hormones. Sunlight helps remove poisonous chemicals from our bodies. Sunlight lifts our mood and outlook. Sunlight helps our bodies use trace minerals. Sunlight helps us lose fat. Sunlight relieves arthritis. Sunlight helps us cope with stress. Sunlight can prevent and help cure breast cancer, colon cancer, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and multiple sclerosis. Sunlight can heal wounds, kill harmful bacteria and strengthen bones and joints.

I highly recommend reading “Sunlight Could Save Your Life” by Zane R. Kime, M.D., “The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century” by Richard Hobday, “Fit for Life II: Living Health” (pages 185-191) by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and “The Medical Mistake of the Century” (Issue No. 29 of Health Discoveries newsletter) by Sam Biser.

Why spend thousands of dollars to travel thousands of miles consuming and polluting as a spoiled USA-an? Sunbathing here on my Riviera Beach in our backyard most days, especially in the winter, is one of my favorite simple pleasures and free natural highs in life. I read, write, rest, eat, think and converse as I lie or sit naked in the sunshine.

Don Schrader
Daily Lobo reader