In the article announcing Antonio Sanchez’s appointment as Daily Lobo editor-in-chief, Sanchez stated that he wanted the Daily Lobo to “provide a voice for students here, as well as for faculty … and if we don’t provide clear communication with them, what does that say about our voice?”

Um, who does that leave out? Staff. You do see us, don’t you? There are twice as many staff as faculty and we actually do all the work to run the University: paying bills, registering students, doing maintenance and repairs, cleaning buildings, purchasing equipment, conducting research, providing patient care, mowing the lawns, advising, etc.

The Daily Lobo only ever skims the surface of what goes on at UNM and often appears to be more of a newsletter with coupons. Mr. Sanchez, if you really want to run an effective, well-balanced newspaper, pay attention to all of the components of this University.

Mary Clark
president, UNM Staff Council