A mountain bike leaned on Kate Krause’s desk in her office in Mesa Vista Hall on Friday morning. Krause said when she had a smaller workload, she and her husband loved to go hiking in the mountains.

But Krause said her schedule is now very hectic.

“I have very little free time,” she said.

And that will not change, as Krause has been appointed both dean of UNM’s Honors College and the University College.

Krause said she had served as the University College’s interim dean for more than a year until she was formally appointed by the University as dean earlier this month. She said she helped build the Honors College, now a degree-granting college, from UNM’s previous honors program.

Krause said she looks forward to continuing the work she has been doing with the college during the past year.

“It’s been really good to know that I will be able to continue working with my faculty,” she said. “We have all these teams around campus that we have been working with for a year and a half and that we really want to continue working with.”

Krause, who taught economics at UNM during the mid-1990s, said she plans to continue to develop a more sequenced curriculum for the Honors College within the next year. She said she also aims to add more faculty members to the college.

“Lots of changes are coming to the Honors College to preserve what’s best about it but move it into a more structured degree-granting entity,” she said.

Despite her responsibilities as dean of two colleges at UNM, Krause said she is still set to continue her economics work by teaching behavioral game theory in the coming fall semester.

Krause said she aims to increase student success at the University as dean of the two colleges.

“Students who come to UNM have so much potential, and were they to be encouraged to take charge of their own education, I think students at UNM can do amazing things,” she said. “We want to be one of the colleges that help them realize that potential.”

But Krause said she still plans to spend some time for herself.

“We just recently acquired a very old boat,” she said. “So I am hoping to get on the scarce New Mexico waters that have been kind of dicey with the drought and all.”