ASUNM elected Tyler Crawley as the president pro tempore at its emergency senate meeting Wednesday night. Crawley is one of six returning senators to ASUNM and has previously served as the group’s finance chair.

Crawley defeated Sen. Grace Liu for the position but the vote tally was not released.

The ASUNM president pro tempore is third in command behind the president and vice president of ASUNM. Duties for president pro tempore include acting as a liaison with the faculty senate, leading community service outreach for ASUNM senators and acts as a “nonvoting member of all service committees,” according to Crawley.

“Personally, I want to work with Vice President (Brandon) Myers to act as a leader of the senate and to alleviate the learning curve as much as possible,” Crawley said. “We have six returners and 14 new people. The first semester always acts as a learning curve. We want to make it to where senators can get in what they came to do, the platforms they ran on.”

Crawley said this task involves attending various committee meetings as well as helping senators familiarize themselves with the rulebook and constitution.

“The president pro tempore is sort of the elder senator, the highest ranking leadership role next to vice president,” Crawley said. “I want to help the vice president with whatever he needs.”
Liu in her candidacy hoped for a more united ASUNM.

“As a group that works together that does so much for the university, we need to have a good sense of who we are individually have a group identity, as well,” Liu said.

The meeting also served to pass Standing Resolution 1F, which outlines ASUNM responsibilities, meeting times and rules and regulations that needed attention before committee meetings could commence. An amendment was made to the resolution requiring that meetings of the ASUNM Senate be held at 6:30 p.m., rather than 6 p.m.

The group also discussed the new outreach hour requirement for ASUNM members. Senators are now required to do one additional hour of outreach in which they are visible to the student body, whether by visiting student organizations or by maintaining a campus presence in some other way.

“Students can be looking out for senators during outreach hours and, if they have any questions, let us know,” said Sen. Liliana Benitez De Luna.