Sometimes eating at La Posada can be difficult if your schedule doesn’t allow you free time to get there. A great, healthy and cheap alternative is to make your own food in the residency halls. And while residents may not have food processors or an eight-range stove in the comfort of their own rooms, here are a few simple steps to make quick inexpensive food that’s good for you.
Tip 1: Bagged goodies

Instead of buying a package of Red Vines to satisfy a sweet tooth, replace the candy with healthy alternatives such as trail mix or crackers. Like junk food, they’re easy to grab and take to class, but much healthier than snacks with high fructose corn syrup. But if you really need your sweet treat, buy chocolate made with lots of antioxidants or fruit snacks made with real fruit juices. 

Tip 2: Drinks

Instead of buying soda pops or diet drinks with sugar substitutes that could make anyone crash between classes, try buying a reusable water bottle that could be refilled with water fountains. Keep a water pitcher in your minifridge. Teas, which have natural catechins, are also really healthy. Shoot for unsweetened tea or naturally sweet teas you can brew yourself. 

Tip 3: Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and cereal is your best friend in college. You can keep a half-gallon carton of milk in your minifridge. Choose cereal made with whole grain and not a lot of sugar and fat. It’s easy, quick and it could be very healthy. 

Tip 4: Other meals

If the amenities in your dorm permit, microwavable or oven-baked pizza is a convenient Wednesday-night grub for you and your friends. Also, low-fat chips, popcorn and rice cakes are little snacks that are easily resealable. They won’t go stale quickly, so it’s easy to snack throughout the day.