The first week of school is always a stressful event. As students scramble about to piece together a permanent semester schedule, buying textbooks often falls to the wayside.

Allow this article to be a healthy reminder that not only should you buy textbooks for the semester, but you can do so in a cost-effective manner.

Step 1: Find your books

Save yourself a trip to the University and head to the UNM Bookstore’s website to discover your semester’s textbooks. Users of the site compile their classes into a list, and the site will then show books those classes require.

Be sure to have an updated student schedule on hand — spending hundreds of dollars on the wrong books is never a good way to start a semester.

Step 2: Chose Your Books

After finding your books, take note of their ISBN numbers, titles and authors. Make sure you copy the information accurately.

Step 3: Shopping and Comparing Prices

Enter your noted ISBN numbers on a search engine site and a few results should pop up. Websites like Amazon, eBay and BigWords should provide a link to purchase the selected book. Bring out your pen and paper from earlier and compare the numbers between the UNM Bookstore and the online retailers for the best purchase available.

Step 4: Selling Your Books

During the beginning and end of every semester, the UNM Bookstore offers “buy backs” to students.

Other bookstores around campus, such as M&L University Book Store on Central near Terrace, give students similar offers.

You can also sell your old textbooks online through BigWords, eBay and Amazon.