After five years of performing and three CD releases, Albuquerque-based group Music Is The Enemy will break up this month.
The band members said the group has run its course, and they want to move on to other projects.

“It’s better that we do this than to keep on trying to drag this out into nonsense,” said singer Miles Bodmer.

Music Is The Enemy, a post hardcore punk quintet, formed in 2008 when Bodmer, tired of auditioning for bands, put together a project and started writing his own songs.

Not long after, he teamed up with guitarist Alex Hetlinger and drummer Michael Wieclaw. Wieclaw said he met Bodmer after placing an ad online looking for a band.

By William Aranda
Members of Music Is The Enemy embrace one another at the end of their set at the Wagon Wheel. Their last show will be at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on Saturday.
By William Aranda
Karie Morgan, one of two guitarists for Music Is The Enemy, performs with her band Friday night at the Wagon Wheel. Audience members were moshing, stage diving and would occasionally play band members’ instruments.
By William Aranda
From left, Miles Bodmer, Michael Wieclaw, Timothy Plath and Karl Deuble perform as Music Is The Enemy on Friday night at the Wagon Wheel. Included in their set were two banners with lyrics from their song “End Transmission,” which was their final song for the night.
By William Aranda
Music Is The Enemy’s set after Wieclaw knocked over his drums and Plath threw his bass. This is very common at the end of their shows.

“The way that me and Miles met, I moved here and I put an ad on Craigslist and I put all this (stuff) like, ‘Oh I can play like this,’” said Wieclaw. “‘Oh and by the way, my favorite bands are Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Matthew Good,’ and he hit me back and said, ‘I love Matthew Good, here’s what I’m doing.’”

MITE’s current lineup of Bodmer, Wieclaw, bassist Timothy Plath and guitarists Karie Morgan and Karl Deuble has been playing together for about a year.

MITE played to a crowd of more than 50 people at the Wagon Wheel for their final all-ages show on Friday night.

The Wagon Wheel, a house near UNM that doubles as a local performance space, belongs to Alexster Crowley DenBaars, lead singer and ukulele player for local folk punk group Arroyo Deathmatch, who opened for MITE on Friday night.

Their set was adorned with two banners that had lyrics from MITE’s song “End Transmission” written on them and lights illuminating on the band members.

As soon as MITE took the stage, no one was standing still in the small space, as audience members were stage diving off a riser and moshing.

Inflatable whales and playroom balls were also flying around the room during the set, which ended with Wieclaw trashing his drums and Plath slamming his bass on the floor.

While audience members thought MITE played a very killer set, the members feel mixed.

“I feel like tonight was what it should have been; it was a wreck, it was a mess,” Morgan said. “No one could hear a thing, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all about the energy and it’s all about the people.”

After the split, Bodmer plans to go to grad school at the University of Oregon and become a geophysicist, Wieclaw will focus on his clothing line “Metal the Brand,” Morgan and Deuble will continue playing music with bands, “Beard” and “Distances.” Plath said he will pursue a career in network/system administration and is thinking about creating another music project.

Music is the Enemy
last show will be at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on Saturday.