Report: Car on campus hits handicap sign, men flee

On Sept. 13, UNMPD received a call from a woman who lives near the UNM area about a black sport utility vehicle “driving erratically” on the grass west of Ortega Hall. According to the police report, the woman saw the van hit an “unknown fixed object.” The two men, who were reportedly wearing black hoodies, got out of the van subsequently and looked around before leaving the area.

When an officer arrived at the scene, he observed a handicap parking sign uprooted from the ground and several tire trucks on the grass, according to the report. Water was also leaking from under a three-foot metal box. According to the report, water was coming from two broken pipelines. Police notified the Physical Plant Department, and the department will fix the damage. UNMPD was unable to obtain further information about the incident.

Cops: Graffiti found on first, sixth level of parking building

On Sept. 18, an officer was dispatched regarding a call from the Cornell Parking Structure about vandalism. When the officer arrived, he observed graffiti images sprayed on the first and sixth floors of the structure using black paint. The name “Toon” was written next to both images, and police believe that it is the tag name for the suspect, according to the report. Physical Plant will remove the vandalism from the walls, and police failed to gather further information on the suspect.

UNMPD seizes ‘green leafy substance’ from student

On Sept. 19, police was dispatched to Coronado Hall about a student who was allegedly using illegal drugs in his dorm room.

Upon arrival, a resident adviser pointed the suspect’s room to the officer, and the officer smelled the scent of marijuana in the vicinity, according to the report. The officer spoke the suspect, and the student allegedly confirmed that he was using the drug in his room.

The officer seized “a small amount of green leafy substance” from the student, and the substance was placed into evidence for destruction, according to the report. UNMPD did not file charges against the suspect for the incident, but the report will be forwarded to the Dean of Students’ Office further action.

Girl fight in parking lot draws UNMH security guard

On Sept. 19, officers were dispatched to UNM Hospital facilities on North Campus in reference to “a group of female subjects fighting in the parking lot.” According to the report, two women and one of the women’s mother were smoking in the lot when a silver car with two people in it stopped by them. One of the women allegedly knew the woman who was driving the car, so she approached her to talk. According to the report, when the passenger exited her car, she allegedly “accused her of being a rat.” The mother told the passenger to stop blurting out obscenities and the driver asked her to get back into the car, but the passenger refused, according to the report.

The passenger then allegedly punched the mother and scratched one of the women; the passenger also allegedly punched the other woman during the fight. When a UNMH security guard arrived, the passenger fled the scene on foot, and the car drove away, according to the report. One of the three women in the scene was allegedly left with a scratch under her eye and the two others were reportedly uninjured. The women did not want to file charges, according to the report, so the case is exceptionally cleared and closed.