State Senator William Sharer is not being forthright when he told the Daily Lobo in last Monday’s, “Gay Marriage Ban Proposed,” that he is simply trying to ban same sex marriage because, “the root of all problems in society is what I call dadlessness.”

What nonsense; the adopted children of many same sex couples, in fact, have two dads. The senator should know that whether children have two dads, two moms or a single parent, does not matter just so long as they are loved and cared for by one or more responsible adults.

What Senator Sharer, whose hidden religious agenda is in full view on the Internet — see his interview with the right-wing extremist Paster Dewey Modede on April 7, 2013 — really wants is for kids to have only heterosexual dads (and moms).

His real intent, like the Taliban, is to turn back the clock to the, “good old days,” when sexual freedom was only for men, and desperate women had to resort to back-alley abortions and LGBT people were hidden in the closet.

Senator Sharer is a walking advertisement for why the Founding Fathers were so wise to insist upon the separation of church and state.

Bruce Trigg, M.D.
UNM Volunteer Faculty