December and January had an impressive number of great book releases that probably went more-or-less unnoticed by students preparing for, taking and then relaxing after finals. Good books should never be ignored, so here’s a highlight of the book releases that may have been overlooked during the semester break.

“Alice in tumblr-Land”

“Alice in tumblr-land” is a book for adults who still remember being kids and who are also maybe, possibly, a tiny bit addicted to social media. In other words, Tim Manley repurposed beloved fairy tales so they might speak to a modern audience younger than 40. Peter Pan tweets while he is on the toilet, Beauty and the Beast sext, the Tortoise and Hare Facebook-stalk each other and, of course, Alice loses herself on tumblr.

Hardcover: $20.00
Kindle: $9.78
Nook: $10.99

“The Invention of Wings”

“The Secret Life of Bees” author Sue Monk Kidd tackles both race and women’s rights in her pre-Civil War-era novel “The Invention of Wings.” The story tracks the lives of real-life abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sarah Grimkè and Hetty, who was born into slavery on the Grimkè’s land. “The Invention of Wings” is beautifully written, with moments that will break your heart and then help you piece it back together.

Hardcover: $27.95
Kindle: $11.24
Nook: $11.24

“Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far”

It’s rare that I review a children’s book; they’re short, simple and not terribly dense. And then Len Lucero and Kristina Tracy came along with a story of an adorable piglet, born without hind legs. “Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far” is a wonderful tale with beautiful images and, even better, it’s based on a real pig whose veterinarian father (Lucero) built a wheeled harness for the mobility-challenged porker. Videos of the pun-fully named pig can be found on Youtube as well.

Hardcover: $14.95
Kindle: $9.99
Nook: N/A

“Into the Fire”

The second book in Jodi McIsaac’s The Thin Veil series picks up a few short weeks after the end of the first book. Cedar McCloud heads back to Tír Na Nóg to help the Tuatha de Danna select a new leader and help the land heal after decades of war. This fun book is a light read and is easily finished in a long afternoon.

Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $3.99
Nook: N/A