I drink no booze. Booze causes car crashes which paralyze and kill thousands, including my niece Rachel. Booze causes dreadful family fights and ruined romances. Men wake up in jail cells — not remembering stabbing or shooting their close friend the night before. Booze has devastated the lives of many of my friends.
Booze causes potbellies and early aging. Booze destroys brain cells. I do not want to make it easier for me to say and do things I later terribly regret.

Booze robs paychecks. Imagine if all of the money USAans blow on booze were given to help homeless children worldwide. Imagine if all of the land wasted to grow grapes and grain to make booze were used instead to grow healthy food for hungry people.
Booze causes deadly liver disease and horribly holiday memories. I do not need booze to relax, to dance and to meet people and to celebrate life.

Many smart, hard-working people start out as social drinkers and end up sick, lonely alcoholics. I urge every booze pusher in bars, restaurants, delivery trucks, advertizing… to quit your job pushing poison.

Booze lowers the sex hormone testosterone. Even a couple beers before sex can make a man not able to get a firm erection.

Longtime heavy drink causes loss of sexual desire, shrinks the testicles and can cause severe erection problems even when sober.

Booze lowers immunity to disease. Booze increases the risk of catching V.D. from an infected partner.

Most boozers and smokers who change to eating only raw plant foods lose their cravings for booze and cigarettes. Eating only raw plant foods corrects the body chemistry and helps destroy the addiction to poisons.

Don Schrader
Daily Lobo reader