Our governor, Susanna Martinez, is one of the most likable public figures in the Republican Party. For a party that has lost its way with women, Hispanics, moderates and many others, Governor Martinez seems a God-send.

Four years after taking office, however, her track record is abysmal. New Mexico receives failing grades in education, if not dead last among all 50 states, and has the dubious distinction of being both bad for union workers and bad for corporate business. All around, you would be hard pressed to find a state in so bad of shape four years after the financial meltdown, and Martinez’s (not entirely unrelated) election.

We need someone in Santa Fe who can solve these daunting problems, Someone with a good track record of success and someone willing to stake their reputation on success instead of deflecting responsibility by encouraging partisan finger pointing. We need a change.

Adam Smith
Daily Lobo reader