This letter is in response to your article, “GOP: Immigrants are a threat to U.S.” in Wednesday’s Daily Lobo. Being a registered Republican, I would like to point out that many Republicans are not against immigrants or immigration itself, though there are several who are. We do not believe that “Immigrants are a threat to U.S.”

Looking at history, this country has been home to millions of immigrants who have come here to find new opportunities to better themselves. In fact everyone in the United States would find that that their ancestors in some form or other immigrated here, including the Native Americans, as a Harvard research study showed.

What many Republicans are against are individuals who enter the country in methods that do not comply with U.S. immigration laws.

The reason many of us are against — that is not because we dislike more immigrants, yes, as mentioned, there are those but every group has diversity — it is because the method in which they are entering is not only contrary to U.S. law, but is a slap in the face for every immigrant who had to go through the proper channels to enter our nation. There are many individuals who have to wait a long time to get through the legality and bureaucratic red tape to enter as a U.S. resident. Having someone completely bypass all of that and then get U.S. benefits is not only unethical but unacceptable.

With that said, I believe that our immigration laws do need to be looked at. If we want more immigrants and desire to give the chance for people to enter this nation and better themselves, we should be attempting, not to accept activities that are against U.S. immigration laws, but instead to contact our lawmakers and push for methods that allow improved legal immigration to take place. Immigration that is not only easier for someone to enter the nation through the proper channels, but is less expensive and not as time consuming, thus giving the opportunity for more individuals to enter our nation.

Our nation was built on immigrants coming and finding a new life.

Here in our wonderful state of New Mexico, we have families that date back several hundred years, not counting our Native American friends. Immigration is a necessary part of our heritage and our nation. However, if we want more immigrants to come here, we should make it easier for them to enter through the proper channels without encouraging acts that go against U.S. laws. Are the laws wrong? Maybe. But for us citizens, we have the ability to stand up and tell our lawmakers to change those laws. Instead of pushing for activity contrary to our laws and ensuing division, we should be attempting to change those laws to help benefit those who, like our ancestors, would like to make this great nation their home.

David Hammitt
UNM student