Last week, UNM’s undergraduate and graduate student governments expressed their concern about the Comprehensive Fee, a policy that the Board of Regents have been talking about which might take away the Student Fee Review Board’s recommendation power regarding allocating funds for Athletics, Information Technology, University Libraries and Student Health and Counseling. How do you feel about the policy?

Carlos Mendez
Junior, business

“I think that fees are always going to be around. I think it’s unfortunate that (the students) might be bypassed. Maybe there could be something where the students can be involved and have something to say about it.”

Nolan Bailey
Freshman, business

“I definitely feel like the students should have a say in it. I play lacrosse and, as a lacrosse player, I feel like some of the other sports besides basketball or football are underfunded. We should get to have an opinion or some kind of say.”

AJ Sanchez
Freshman, marketing management

“I think they should go to the (Student Fee Review Board) too, instead of going directly to the (Board of Regents).”

Kristen Holstoi
Sophomore, Spanish and biology

“I think that that would be unfair because then the students wouldn’t have a say in it. There would just be money going to whatever that committee wanted it going to instead of students chiming in and giving their say on where it should go.”