Sooner or later, every driver is bound to end up with a flat tire. Not to worry though, as changing to a spare can be done in five minutes, said Nathan King, a local mechanic. King offered these simple steps for students who need to change a tire.

You will need: a tire jack, a pry bar and a spare tire.

Step 1: Make sure emergency brakes are on, then use the pry bar to remove the wheel cover.

Step 2: Place the jack under the car and pump the jack until the tire slowly lifts from the ground.

Step 3: Loosen the lug nuts from the tire, remove tire from the axle and roll to one side.

Step 4: Position the spare tire over the lugs and screw on the axle, then screw the lug nuts back into place starting from corresponding sides.

Step 5: Lower the vehicle back onto the ground and remove the jack from under the car.