I compliment and I thank many Jews of conscience in the United States and in Israel who have spoken out loud and clear, publicly condemning the Israeli government’s brutal oppression and mass murder of Palestinians.

One former Israeli soldier stated that Israeli soldiers committed “…unimaginable practices against Palestinians, competing among themselves who could kill more Palestinians, bragging afterward after how many they had killed, deliberately targeting and killing children simply walking home from school and slamming the heads of handcuffed Palestinians into concrete walls.”

Israel has illegally occupied the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza for 47 years. The United States used Israel in the Middle East to control the whole region because of USAans’ addiction to oil.

U.S. federal income tax dollars buy the tanks, helicopters, bulldozers and missiles the Israeli military uses to terrorize, cripple, paralyze, slaughter and make homeless the Palestinian people. Israel received billions of dollars from the U.S. government; it receives far more of U.S. tax dollars than any other nation on Earth.

Every U.S. federal income tax payer pays for the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. The U.S. Empire has also supported for decades corrupt, bloody dictatorships in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia … in order to control the region because of USAans’ evil addiction to oil.

The United States routinely sides with Israel against the Palestinians. Most members of Congress and the major presidential candidates are scared to hell of condemning Israeli atrocities largely because of the powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington, D.C. The Israeli military has killed hundreds of Palestinian boys and girls and has wounded thousands more. Scores of nations have often condemned Israeli prosecution of Palestinians.

I oppose all violence by Israelis against Palestinians. I oppose all violence by Palestinians against Israelis. I strongly support peace and human rights for all people in Israel and in Palestine.

Revenge and more violence are not the answer for Israelis or for Palestinians. I refuse to pay one penny of U.S. federal income tax for Israel to rob, torture and massacre Palestinians. I have paid no federal income tax for 35 years. I have ridden in no car for 12 years — greatly reducing my use of oil.

Do you know of any Israeli Jew who would want to trade places with a Palestinian in Gaza or the West Bank?

Don Schrader
Daily Lobo reader