Laptops, IDs stolen from dorm room

On Feb. 2, an officer was dispatched to the Chama building in the Casas del Rio complex in response to a reported burglary.

Roommates living in a double room told police that they had left their room door open slightly while one was taking a shower and one was in the bathroom. According to the report, when the roommate in the bathroom came back into the main room, he saw that his and his roommate’s laptops were gone, as well as his own wallet.

After questioning other residents of the floor, police were unable to find any witnesses, and were unable to process any areas of the room for evidence, according to the report. There are no further leads.

Golf course security cameras removed

On Feb. 5, personnel at the UNM Champion Golf Course reported that five security cameras worth $450 each had been stolen on January 25. According to the report, Melvin Clee, a golf course employee, noticed that a wire was hanging down from the roof of the pro shop and reported it to the golf course’s business manager, Adam Roybal. Roybal contacted the IT department who noted that the last time the cameras were found to be operating was in the early morning of January 25, according to the report.

Police found no unaccounted-for alarms on that date, and UNM IT personnel are reviewing tapes for evidence or leads, according to the report. The case is closed pending further leads.

No charges filed in shoving incident

On Feb. 5, UNM dispatched an officer to Ortega Hall in response to a battery. The reporting person told police that he greeted and joked with a fellow graduate student, who then became angry, according to the report. The reporting person then allegedly attempted to calm down the fellow graduate student to no avail, and finally, the fellow graduate student pushed the reporting person across the room. The reporting person was not injured.

An assistant professor in the room then told the fellow graduate student to leave the building, who did so after initial refusal. According to the report, no charges are being filed.

Suspect in kissing battery gets away

On Feb. 7, police responded to a report of battery in Mesa Vista Hall. A student working there said that a man entered the room where she was working and asked her for directions to Mitchell Hall. According to the report, the man then extended his hand to shake her hand, but then pulled in the student close and kissed her repeatedly on the cheek and neck, according to the report.

The student then pushed the man away, who left without further incident.

Officers then proceeded to Mitchell Hall and directed dispatch to broadcast an attempt-to-locate bulletin to find the suspect, both of which were unsuccessful, according to the report.