Man with warrants assaults UNM officer

On February 20, police arrested a man who assaulted a UNMPD police officer. According to the report, the man was skating when he encountered an officer and threw a bottle at him. The man reportedly fled the area, but police were later able to locate him at 2001 Redondo Drive NW. The subject was “extremely intoxicated” when police caught him, according to the report. Police then discovered that the man had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence charges. The subject was arrested and was transported to the prisoner transport center where he was booked.

Vandal breaks mirror, leaves obscene note

On Feb. 20, police was dispatched to the west side of the Johnson Center natatorium about a vandalism incident. Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim told him that she had parked her car in a handicapped space next to the pools, and that when she returned she saw her vehicle’s right side mirror was crushed, according to the report. There was also a note on the windshield that said, “Learn how to drive! Fuck you! I am not sorry!” according to the report. The estimated cost of damage was under $1,000.

The victim told police that earlier that day when she was trying to park into the space, she spotted a woman in her 20s who was pulling out of a parking space. According to the report, the victim said the woman seemed to be annoyed during the encounter.

Because there were no other reports of vandalism in the area, the case is closed pending further leads.

Child psych patient assaults technician

On Feb. 20, UNMPD responded to a report of battery in the UNM Children’s Psychiatric Center. The officer was told by the security officer on duty at the facility that a mental health technician “was battered as he and staff were restraining a child patient,” according to the report. The technician reportedly received a scratch on his right forearm and was also struck on the chest. The child was then restrained and medicated, according to the report.

When the officer contacted the victim later, the victim stated that he was not injured and that he did not wish to prosecute, according to the report. There are no pending charges at this time.

Car burglarized, set on fire in dorm lot

On Feb. 22, campus police received a call about a potential auto burglary in the Redondo dormitory parking lot. According to the report, the victim told police that she had parked her vehicle in the dorm’s parking lot three days earlier, and that when she walked up to her vehicle that day, she noticed that someone had set fire to the car’s driver side floorboard. The perpetrators had also allegedly searched every compartment of the vehicle, and had used rags and other flammable materials and set them on fire.

After dusting for prints, UNMPD attempted to refer the case to the Albuquerque Fire Department, but was told that fire department officers would only take the case if police had a suspect in custody, according to the report. The victim was unable to provide any possible leads to police, and no further information about the case is available at this time.