Cow’s milk is for baby cows, human milk is for baby humans. Animals in the wild do not drink the milk of a different kind of animal. No adult animal in the wild drinks milk. Just as all animals are not alike, the milk from cows, goats, pigs and humans is not alike. Cow’s milk is designed to create a huge, big-boned animal in only two years. So if you are fat and if you drink cow’s milk and eat cheese and ice cream made from cow’s milk, do not expect to lose weight.

Cow’s milk causes more mucus than any food — thick, dense mucus that clogs and irritates your nose, throat, sinuses and lungs — gluey mucus that is hard for the body to get rid of. Cow’s milk can cause hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, colds, runny noses, stuffed noses and children’s ear infections. Cow’s milk is the main cause of allergies; cheese is a major cause of headaches.

87 percent of the protein in cow’s milk is casein. Casein makes cancer grow faster at all stages. Casein is used to make one of the strongest glues for wood. Far more casein is in cow’s milk than human milk. Our human digestion cannot break down the cow’s milk casein, so our intestines get clogged with thick, ropelike mucus. Eating cow’s milk, cheeses and ice cream can cause or worse ulcers, colitis, colon cancer, prostate cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

Do not swallow the lies and propaganda of dairy ads. Like cigarette and booze companies, the dairy industry wants your money — regardless if you get sick, suffer and die from swallowing their lies.

Most of all the cow’s milk, cheese and ice cream sold in U.S. grocery stores is pasteurized. The cow’s milk is heated to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Pasteurization makes the cow’s milk more harmful than raw cow’s milk.

The teeth of children fed pasteurized cow’s milk are more likely to decay than the teeth of children fed raw cow’s milk. Pasteurizing cow’s milk does not make it clean — it could still have hair, soot, dust, dirt, shit, sweat or small bugs in it. Pasteurizing reduces many nutrients.

Many years ago I was addicted to much dairy, but I changed — largely in the 1980s. I eat no milk, no cheese and no ice cream.

If you insist on eating dairy, eat only raw milk and raw cheese from health goats. No cow’s milk and no pasteurized milk from any animal. Raw milk from health goats is much better than pasteurized cow’s milk.

If you want to be most healthy, consume no milk, no cheese, no ice cream.

Radiation, pesticides and other harmful chemicals concentrate high on the food chain in meat and dairy — causing cancer, birth defects and less immunity to disease.

I recommend these books — Fit for Life II: Living Health by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford, Diet for the Atomic Age by Sara Shannon, The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Human Survival on a Plutonium-Contaminated Planet by Charles Z. Hyder.

Don Schrader

Daily Lobo reader