Truck reported stolen from GR parking lot

On March 17, UNMPD dispatched an officer to the GR parking lot at 1800 Mesa Vista Drive on report of a stolen truck. The victim alleged that his red 2000 Ford Ranger pickup was stolen between the hours of 7:15 a.m. and 5:15 p.m., according to the report. According to the report, the victim checked with his wife and family, who told him that none of them had taken the truck from the lot.

The truck was submitted to the NCIC database as stolen. There were no suspects or witnesses at the time of the report, and no further action was taken at that time.

Police: Man arrested for threats at UNMH

On March 19, UNMPD responded to a report of domestic violence and threatening behavior. According to the report, the victim told the officer that while her four-month-old daughter was recovering from open-heart surgery at UNMH, the victim received several angry, explicitly threatening text messages from her boyfriend, the biological father of her daughter. The man called her and said he was “coming to the hospital to shoot (the victim), shoot her family and shoot up the hospital,” according to the victim. A short time later, the victim’s boyfriend arrived at the hospital and was taken into custody without incident, but denied all allegations against him, according to the report.

The report states that the victim was granted an emergency restraining order, and her boyfriend was booked and taken to the prisoner transport center.

UNMH patient struck worker, report states

On March 19, an officer responded to a report of battery on a health care worker in the UNMH Emergency Room. According to the report, a patient admitted for alcohol intoxication became agitated and threw himself onto the floor from his bed. As two health care workers attempted to restrain him while waiting for UNMH security, the patient wrapped his legs around the victim and kicked him on the side of the head, according to the report. UNMH security reportedly arrived soon after and restrained the patient, who hospital staff told UNMPD is a “regular” who routinely threatens hospital staff with violence.

The officer reports attempting to interview the patient, who instead chose to shout at hospital staff. The patient was not taken into custody due to his medical status. According to the report the victim signed a notice of intent to prosecute, and the case was closed and forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for evaluation.

Stolen handbag found near scene, but empty

On March 20, an officer on patrol was approached by a victim who reported an auto burglary. The victim told the officer that her handbag was in her friend’s vehicle, which was secured, and that there were no signs of forced entry, according to the report. The officer later located the victim’s handbag in a nearby alleyway and returned it. However, the victim’s laptop was missing from the bag, according to the report.

There are no suspects or witnesses at this time, but the victim stated that she intends to provide her laptop’s serial number to UNMPD, according to the report.