Police are investigating an incident in the Santa Clara dormitory in which someone carved a swastika on a resident’s door over spring break.

According to the report from the UNM Police Department, the resident of the vandalized room discovered the offensive icon on Sunday upon returning to the dorm from spring break. He had left the dorm on March 14.

The swastika was on the upper left-hand corner of his door, according to the report.

UNMPD public information officer Tim Stump said resident advisers of Santa Clara reported the incident to police. But he said this was not the first time the resident has received confrontational notes on his door.

“We don’t have leads. We don’t know who did it. There was something that happened two weeks ago that didn’t have anything to do with swastikas or racial remarks or anything like that,” Stump said.

According to the report, a couple of weeks ago, the resident of the room had received a note on his door that stated, “Stop being so passive aggressive. If you’re upset about noise, take care of it like an adult.” The note was allegedly signed by “All of Santa Clara.”

But Stump said the resident of the room was not Jewish. He said the resident has not received any racial slurs in the past.

Stump said the department has already notified the Dean of Student’s Office about the vandalism. He said that at the moment, the Civil Campus Council is conducting its own investigation of the incident.

According to the report, resident assistants promised UNMPD to watch the resident’s room more closely in the future, and that “if necessary, they would relocate the student to another dorm.”