In the aftermath of APD’s week from hell, city officials claim to have referred the foothills shooting to the Department of Justice. Considering Mayor Berry and his police administration seem to see nothing wrong with the 23 police shootings over the past 4 years, during Berry’s administration, I question the truth of the claim. With the current Department of Justice investigation already ongoing, it would seem to me that the public outrage would have triggered the DOJ to add this shooting to their investigation on their own.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that, “Rob Perry said the city wanted to refer the Boyd shooting, in particular, to the DOJ because it generated a lot of public and public official concern. He said it’s his understanding that it is standard protocol for individual cases to be sent first to the DOJ’s criminal division for review.”

I may not have a 150 IQ, but when did it become standard protocol for the Berry administration to send individual cases to the DOJ before internal and Police Oversight Commission review? If they actually did refer the case to the DOJ, which I have no reason to believe they did, it wasn’t to seek justice, but to limit lawsuits.

When it comes to the Berry administration and his crony Rob Perry, I put little, if any, faith in anything they say. It’s truly unfortunate that our police department has become a symbol of terror and death rather than protection and service.

Jeffrey Paul

Daily Lobo reader