The Daily Lobo’s coverage on Wednesday of what they called the “Immigration Film Festival Debate” was largely fair. However, I do have to criticize their headline “GOP: Immigrants are a threat to U.S.”

First off, the Conservative Republicans are not affiliated in any way with the GOP. We do agree with them on some issues, but that is it. Secondly, we are not against immigration. Immigrants formed the core of our country for centuries, and continue to contribute greatly to our society today. Immigrants are not a threat but a boon to our nation. What we are concerned about are the great economic and national security threats caused by illegal immigration, the rampant and casual breaking of our immigration laws.

I would also like to say to the Dream Team and their allies that showing their movie concurrent with ours was counterproductive. We invited them to our screening to share our views and have a civil but informative debate afterwards. But since their film was shown concurrent with ours, neither side was able to attend the opposing side’s movie. I feel they did a great disservice to both sides due to this.

Amber West
President, UNM Conservative Republicans