I read a contribution from a reader a couple weeks ago. It was a long letter to the effect that a person who does not believe in God cannot have “morals.”

I would like to point out that such a person can believe in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (I read recently that such a philosophy is expressed in all major religions too.) It is a rational belief and sufficient for everyday life. And if you do not believe in “God,” then the goodness of other people is all of the goodness there is. There is nothing else to fall back on and expect something good to happen in your life. Being kind to other people is your only way of manipulating your circumstances so that you will get kindness back. The kindness of society is the only “good” in your life.

An “atheist” may be of the kind I used to be – believing in only that which can be sensed with the five senses. There is nothing else “out there” and no contact between me and “God” (or other people.) Prayer requires a belief in “mutual telepathy” – or the ability to contact God, too.

Such atheism is not something a person can control. It is not their “fault.” It is a sad state, in which it appears that all of these believers in God are having hallucinations of sorts.

It is a state which is not gotten out of very often.

I got out of it, and now I can discuss religion and all of the “miracles” that it entails – and I love to.

My name is in the telephone book, should you like to do that. Thank you for this discussion forum.

Sharron Foster

Daily Lobo reader