With the amount of fracking significantly increasing, the dangers that come with it are going to increase as well. Fracking has become a risky way of getting oil and gas from the ground by releasing air pollutants, contaminating groundwater and damaging landscapes. To think about businesses digging miles and miles deep into our earth in all different directions makes me uncomfortable. I have heard of earthquakes occurring in direct relation to all the drilling.

Now they want to drill near Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Companies have already set up and drilled in the northwest and southeast parts of the state. As a college student who has grown up and was raised in Albuquerque, it makes me uneasy to hear that these companies want to drill right next to this park. This will not only ruin the experience and overall sense of culture at the park, but it has long-term risks to the water we drink, and to the air we breathe. Please help by making everyone aware of this issue so we can avoid “fraccidents.”

Elizabeth Russo

UNM student