Australia will have to decide whether to “regroup and reconsider” its continuing search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian ambassador Kim Beazley announced Sunday. Beazley said that if search teams fail to find a trace of the plane in a portion of the Indian Ocean currently being scanned by a U.S. Navy underwater drone, Australia will discuss with other countries how to proceed with the search, Reuters reported. Sunday marks the 44th day of the search for the missing plane and its 239 passengers, according to Reuters.


An airplane crash in the Jämijärvi airfield near the southwestern town of Pori killed eight people Sunday. According to the Associated Press, the light aircraft was carrying parachutists when it crashed to the ground and caught fire. Finnish authorities told the AP that three people, who parachuted from the aircraft in time, survived the accident. Authorities could not identify the cause of the crash, but said that “apparently, some parts fell off the plane before it crashed.” The three survivors are being treated for minor injuries, the AP reported.


All eight passengers of a private plane were killed Sunday as the aircraft crashed in the northern Mexican city of Saltillo. According to the AP, authorities identified that the plane, which was flying amid foggy conditions, collided into the roof of a warehouse and caught fire, crashed to the ground and broke into pieces over 400 meters. The AP reported that passengers of the Hawker 800 luxury jet included two pilots, two married couples, the 10-year-old son of one of the couples and a woman.

South Korea

The captain and two other crew members of the South Korean ferry that sunk earlier this week might face an extension of their detention as prosecutors continue to investigate the accident. Prosecutors on Sunday have requested a 30-day extension of the group’s detention, according to Reuters. The ship, which was carrying 476 passengers of which 339 were children, sunk Wednesday while on its way from Incheon to the island of Jeju. The accident’s death toll sat at 58 with 244 still missing as divers reached the sunken ship overnight Saturday, Reuters reported.


As confrontations between pro-government and separatist Ukrainians continue to surge in the eastern city of Slaviansk, at least three more were killed in a gunfight Sunday. The incident proved problematic to the Geneva agreement between Ukraine and Russia, which the two formulated last week, Reuters reported. In Sunday’s incident, separatists claimed armed men from Ukraine’s Right Sector nationalist group attacked them, but the sector denied any involvement and blamed the separatists instead, according to Reuters.

Vatican City

Pope Francis, in his Easter Sunday address, urged governments and militants in conflict-torn Ukraine and Syria to facilitate a peaceful dialogue. The Pope delivered his address in a Mass in front of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica in front of about 150,000 Catholics, according to the AP. Francis also pled for terrorist attacks against Christians in Nigeria to stop and called for more action to combat current Ebola epidemics in Africa, the AP reported.


The Al-Qaeda militant death toll in Yemen climbed up to more than 40 on Sunday after several drone strikes by the United States. Drones fired “several missiles” at the group’s training camp in the southern province of Abyan, authorities told the Agence France-Presse. The U.S., which is the only country that facilitates drone strikes in Yemen, facilitated the attack after the terrorist group’s Arabian Peninsula branch had earlier announced to counter Western “crusaders,” according to the AFP.