I am writing to address the issue of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) near Chaco Canyon National Park. If allowed, I believe this would be an egregious violation of a treasured national heritage site, of the citizens of the state of New Mexico and of the natural environment as a whole. If these things are not held dear by the representatives that would allow such activity, then what kind of faith should any of their constituents hold in them? Why should these representatives be viewed as having any regard for our interests or for the interests of a state they claim to cherish?

Aside from all of the current issues under discussion, such as resulting air pollution and the contamination of water supplies, a direct affront to the people of this great state, it is necessary to question the acknowledgement of what is sacred. If land set aside in order to spare it from such violations is under threat, then what do we truly value, and, more importantly, what is off limits?

Jeremy Dellarosa

UNM student