We have heard for several days now the contents of the audio tapes published by Mother Jones magazine revealing disturbing comments and language by Governor Martinez and her aides. It’s unfortunate that our governor feels no need to apologize for the vulgar and grossly insensitive language displayed in the audiotapes. Martinez has responded in typical politico fashion: we said it, but we didn’t mean it. Her defense of her campaign staffer — now spokesman for the Human Services Department — Matt Kennicott was that “these are not the sentiments that Matt Kennicott feels.”

Really? Then tell me why he said it.

Three disturbing issues arise out of the comments made by Kennicott. First, his comment that House Speaker Ben Lujan “sounds like a retard” are absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances. Such insensitivity to the Speaker and to the disability community at large are reason enough for his immediate firing as spokesman for the Department of Human Services, the department that provides many benefits to New Mexicans with disabilities. Secondly, the fact that Martinez not only allowed and then condoned this type of behavior by her staff should give serious doubts about her judgment and her impartiality in serving the entire community. Lastly, if Martinez is to lead by example, then this state is being lead down a very perilous path.

Jeffrey Paul

Daily Lobo reader