Parking & Transportation Services discussed citation prices, cost of operations, and future plans that will affect UNM students and faculty.

A panel of seven members of PATS hosted a forum at the Student Union Building Thursday about issues related to parking. Questions from students were written on cards and read to the panel by Dean of Students Tomás Aguirre.

Jenna Hagengruber, Associated Students of the University of New Mexico vice president-elect, said residents have come to her with concerns about available parking on campus.

She said finding parking is a major challenge when students are running late and all the parking is full.

“I get parking tickets and they’re not fun. Sometimes I park where I’m not supposed to, or I’ll park somewhere at 3:43, not 3:45 and I’ll get a ticket,” Hagengruber said.

PATS Operation Manager Joe Lovato spoke at the summit and said there have been a need for electric charging stations at UNM for electric vehicles.

This initiative is barely in the infancy state and more research is needed in order to implement this program, he said.

Torin Hovander, political science major at UNM, said he appreciated the forum and said it was informative.

“One of my concerns is that I park in Q lot, and I heard from friends that I can move to A lot after 3:45, so I just came here to confirm that,” Hovander said..