Tipped motorcycle leaves damage, fuel spill

On March 24, UNMPD was dispatched to the Centennial Engineering Center in reference to a report made about an unknown suspect who tipped a motorcycle on its side. According to the report, the red Honda Shadow exhibited damage to its right handlebar, pipes and fuel filter. UNMPD notified the victim after officers ran the motorcycle’s plates through NCIC. The victim reportedly said he parked his motorcycle between 9:40 a.m. and 9:55 a.m. while he was on his way to class. Albuquerque Fire Department arrived later on scene, to clean up the fuel left by the damages. There are no suspects at this time.

Motor vehicle theft near Hokona Hall

On March 26, UNMPD received a report about a motor vehicle theft. According to the report, the victim stated that his white 1992 Honda was last seen on the morning of March 24 near Hokona Hall. He stated he returned on March 26 to find his vehicle missing. According to the report, the victim checked with his father, who told him he did not pick up the vehicle. The victim’s vehicle has been entered into NCIC, and there is no further information at this time.

Ipod stolen from bag at Johnson gym

On March 26, an officer was called to Johnson Center regarding an alleged theft. The victim alleged that his iPod was stolen while working out at the gym. According to the report, the victim stated that upon realizing that his iPod was missing, a male subject appeared to have an iPod in his pocket on his way out from the locker room. The victim then reportedly confronted the other male, who after a short discourse, revealed the iPod and returned it to the victim. The owner of the iPod asked the male for his name to report the incident to police, but the subject refused to identify himself and left the gym before officers arrived. The victim, who was an employee of the gym, obtained the subject’s locker number and found out who owns the locker.

The suspect has been identified as a student, but there was no phone number listed in school records. The case has been cleared, and no other law enforcement action will follow.

Report: Suspect runs off with cellphone

On March 26, UNMPD was dispatched to a possible incident of larceny. According to the report, the victim was approached by a black male wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. The alleged suspect then asked the victim to borrow his cell phone to call his mother. The victim stated he was a little hesitant at first, but allowed the individual to use the phone, at which point the subject ran south from 301 Cornell NE, according to the report. The victim said he immediately shut off the service to the phone.

According to the report, the victim was able to track the phone online and the phone was pinged from his personal computer. At that moment, the phone was allegedly being activated for service at the intersection of Las Lomas and Tullane. UNMPD has requested video surveillance at this location for possible identification.

UNMPD: Student health response leads to controlled substance apprehension

On March 26, UNMPD was dispatched to Mitchell Hall in reference to a student having a seizure. But when the officers arrived, the individual was alert and responsive, according to the report, and the individual claimed that he had never had a seizure before and was not on any medication. When medical personnel arrived at the scene, the individual reportedly claimed that an hour before the seizure, he had taken oxycontin and drank a Red Bull energy drink. Due to his medical condition at the time, the personnel suggested that the suspect needed to see a medical doctor, according to the report.

After a routine check of his belongings, the officer allegedly observed an unused syringe and a spoon. According to the report, the individual was then transported to the UNM Hospital. Later on, UNMH contacted police in reference to a patient with illegal narcotics on his possession. The officer was dispatched to assess the situation, realizing that the suspect was the same man from Mitchell Hall. According to the report, officers found heroin along with drug paraphernalia. The evidence was tagged into UNMPD evidence for destruction and the case is closed.