An important maintenance tip for making sure a vehicle runs smoothly is change the oil regularly. Brad Begay, a Pep Boys mechanic, shows how easy it is for anyone to do this preventative measure.

You will need a ratchet, four quarts of oil (or however much your vehicle requires,) an oil filter, oil filter lubricant, an oil pan and a old rag.

Step 1: Open the hood and check the car’s oil level by removing the dipstick. Clean with the rag and dip back and remove to double check the correct place of the oil level.

Step 2: Slide under the car and loosen the oil filter with a ratchet by twisting counterclockwise, let the oil drain into an oil pan. (Confident oil changers can put the car onto a ramp for more room, but the Daily Lobo does not recommend this for those new to changing oil.)

Step 3: Remove the filter once more of the oil has drained. Let any excess oil drain and clean the rim.

Step 4: Open a new filter and lubricate the top to prevent the gasket being thrown off.

Step 5: Tighten the oil plug back into place using a ratchet, be careful not to over-tighten.

Step 6: Under the hood, remove the oil cap on the engine and insert the funnel.

Step 7: Slowly pour in the oil. Most car’s take about four quarts, but the exact amount needed will be listed in the owner’s manual. Tighten the engine cap when finished.

Step 8: Wait five minutes and then start the engine. Watch to make sure oil pressure light goes off after start up.

Step 9: Recheck oil levels by removing dipstick again. Then replace your hood.

Step 10: The old oil can be recycled for free at most automotive shops – do not dump the oil down a drain.