Car burglarized and damaged in Q Lot

On April 21, UNM Police Department was dispatched to Q Lot in reference to a burglary. According to the report, the victim alleged that he parked his car sometime in the morning, and returned later that evening to find his vehicle burglarized.

Further investigation found that the suspect entered the car by punching out the driver side door lock. According to the report, the ignition had been tampered with so that the vehicle could not be started and the steering wheel had been cut in an attempt to bypass the club installed by the victim. The report states the items taken from the victim’s vehicle included his wallet with a driver’s license and Lobo ID, vehicle registration, insurance card, paperwork, a Jensen aftermarket in-dash DVD player and two speakers.

No fingerprints were found on the vehicle..

Cameraman reports assault during forum

On April 22, a cameraman for an event in the Student Union Building called UNMPD after another man caused a disturbance during the function.

Accodring to the report, a man was talking and clapping loudly behind the cameraman, who asked the suspect to move. The two argued and the suspect grabbed the cameraman’s wrist. The report states that the UNMPD officer observed no marks on the cameraman.

The cameraman requested charges to be filed on the alleged suspect. Both subjects will be summoned into Metropolitan Court.

Truck vandalized in Lomas parking area

On April 23, UNMPD was dispatched to the Lomas Parking Structure to investigate a report of vandalism. According to the report, the victim alleged that he parked his car on Sunday night, and returned the following Wednesday to find his truck damaged. The report states the victim’s tinted rear window was shattered and the tailgate was scratched or keyed. The victim also alleged he found an empty beer bottle in the bed of his truck. According to the report, the victim did not know who would cause the damage to his truck or when the incident occurred. According to the report, the estimated cost to replace the window and to repair the tailgate is under $1,000. The officer attempted to collect latent fingerprints from the beer bottle at the scene, found none. The case is considered closed pending further leads.

Student assaulted in Center of Universe

On April 23, UNMPD was dispatched to the east side of Dane Smith Hall in reference to a male subject who had been battered. According to the report, the victim stated that a male subject allegedly ran up to him and kicked the back of his knee, causing the victim to fall. The victim stated that while he was on the ground the male subject ran in a northern direction and yelled something incoherent. The report states that the incident occurred in the Center of the Universe structure. The victim sustained scrapes to the knee area of his pants, but said he was not injured. According to the report, the victim described the suspect as being in his early 20s, with short blonde hair, about 6 feet tall, thin and wearing gray tennis shoes and gray shorts. The suspect also had white earphones on at the time of the incident. The suspect was not located.