Student assaulted by cyclist near campus

On March 31, UNMPD was dispatched to 2600 Marble Ave. NE in reference to a battery that had occurred that afternoon. Upon arrival, the officer met with the male victim, who at the time was unable to give a clear statement because he was reportedly distressed about the police presence. The report states that the victim had a laceration on his left cheekbone.

The officer obtained a statement from a witness, alleging that a man approached her and asked her for a cigarette. The woman stated that she did not have a cigarette. According to the reports, the alleged male got off his bike and began to approach the woman. The male victim asked the male suspect to “knock it off and leave her alone,” according to the report. The suspect allegedly acted like he was going to leave the area, but allegedly turned towards the victim and punched him in the face. The suspect then allegedly got on his bike and left the area.

Police were able to identify the suspect, who at the time was being discharged from PES. The facility alleged that his actions were not the results of a mental illness. UNMPD was unable to receive a clothing description of the suspect at this time.

UNMPD seizes pot, pipe from residence

On March 31, UNMPD was dispatched to Casas del Rio in reference to a student possessing a controlled substance. According to the report, the officer met with the resident director, who stated that during a routine check, resident advisers followed an odor of burnt marijuana to a room in the building. The report stated that the staff made contact with the residents and identified a suspect. The suspect allegedly admitted to having marijuana in his possession, and the UNMPD officer made contact with the suspect. According to the report, the suspect turned over a brown case containing a grinder, less than 1 ounce of marijuana and a glass smoking pipe. According to the report, the officer advised the suspect that the report would be filed, and a copy would be forwarded to the Dean of Students. Items were taken as evidence and marked for destruction. No further action will be taken at this time.

Vehicle burglarized, jacket, wallet taken

On April 6, UNMPD received a report of burglary in the south side of Popejoy Hall. According to the report, the victim said that afternoon, he parked his vehicle along the south side of Popejoy. An hour later, the victim returned to his undisturbed vehicle and proceeded to an establishment on Central Avenue for a few minutes with a friend. According to the report, 30 minutes later, the victim alleged that he found both of his vehicle doors opened and noticed that someone has gone through his glove box. He alleged that his wallet, the contents in the wallet, a leather jacket and the owner’s manual to his vehicle were taken.

According to the report, the officer stated that during the course of his investigation, he did not see any signs of forcible entry. He also noticed that the passenger side window of the vehicle was left open approximately 1 inch, according to the report. The reports states that the victim claimed that he might have accidentally left his vehicle unlocked.