Start By Believing

There will be a meeting to promote a “Start by Believing” campaign at UNM today to combat sexual assaults.

Shaya Rogers, a member of the Feminist Leadership Majority Alliance, said students can take pictures with a sign that says “…when someone tells me they were sexually assaulted, I start by believing.”

At a Graduate and Professional Student Association meeting Saturday, the council passed a resolution that UNM adopt a “Start By Believing” campaign and “help educate the student body on how to provide support for survivors of sexual assault,” according to the resolution.

The event will be at the Women’s Resource Center at 3:30 p.m.

Thanks to the Board of Regents

The GPSA passed a resolution thanking the Board of Regents for not raising overall tuition on students this year.

While some spoke out against passing the resolution, GPSA Council member Matthew Rush said GPSA should support the regents who decided to keep tuition rates the same.

“I think the reason why the executive is aiming at something like this is to thank the regents who we actually do have support, for the fact that they did make a very hard decision,” he said.

GPSA President Priscila Poliana also spoke in favor of the resolution. The resolution states the UNM regents have been receptive to students’ needs and GPSA is committed to supporting “future endeavors to protect the affordability of higher education.”

Traveling Preachers at UNM

Students gathered around two men who yelled and spoke about sins Wednesday afternoon in front of Popejoy Hall.

Steven Plumlee said he and his partner, Sebastian Bryan, were traveling preachers who spread the Bible’s word by preaching repentance, belief and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Caroline Patz, a junior evolutionary anthropology major, said the two men were telling students that everyone was sinning. She said they were calling a lot of the females “whores.”

Mary Gonzales, a senior fine arts major, said she was disappointed with how religion was being depicted by Plumlee and Bryan.

“I think it’s a really wrong way to portray religion,” she said. “Instead of preaching love, they’re teaching hate.”

New Dean of UNM College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

UNM Provost Chaouki Abdallah appointed Richard Clement dean of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences, according to a UNM press release.

Clements served as dean at Utah State University for six years, according to the release.

Clement has edited for university journals and written two books on American publishing, “The Book in America” and “Books on the Frontier: Print Culture in the American West, 1763-1875.”

The College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences has four campus locations, which are Zimmerman Library, Parish Memorial Library, Centennial Science & Engineering Library and Fine Arts & Design Library, according to another release.