There is apparently an interesting paradox at the University of New Mexico.

On the one hand, a group of students without understanding of the Middle East and the majority of whom have never been there have decided to divest from the State of Israel. The groups are deciding the ‘correct’ borders for the democratic, successful economy of the Jewish State of Israel.

On the other hand, there is enough culture and recognition of history at the University to hold a performance on part of the story which occurred in “Terezin … Defiant Requiem Verdi at Terezin.”

Of course, with the power wielded by the former ignorant students, this show could be ‘boycotted.’ I guess we will see next week.

The University of New Mexico newspaper publishes a document as news presented by IMEMC showing their version of a map — a deceiving ‘map’ made available by the Daily El Lobo ‘newspaper.’

A map was made to show the numerous universities with anti-Semitic sentiments that have divested from American/Israeli companies. The map was made to deceive.

In fact, NO university has divested from any part of Israel, although some ‘sheeps in the Lobo mouth’ student bodies have voted to do so.

The big question is, who is who and what is the university really teaching?

IMEMC was founded by the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between Peoples in 2003, whose agenda besides sending confusing anti-Semitic information is … ?

Pablo Nankin, MD

Daily Lobo reader

Editor’s note: The Daily Lobo has not published any information from IMEMC, maps or otherwise. However, a link to the map in question was found on unm.edu.