I want to thank UNM professor David Correia for being out on the front lines of social progress for us in the community.

As an alumnus of UNM, it makes me proud to see one of my fellow faculty leading the movement for justice. I saw the statement from the UNM administration dissociating themselves from the courageous and bold leadership Dr. Correia has taken up for us all.

The University Board of Regents should by rightful means recognize Dr. Correia and promote him to a more visible and larger role in our university. This is the kind of thing our faculty should be doing.

Unfortunately, I fear that the University, by disassociating itself from Dr. Correia, has revealed more its true support for the war and violence industry in our community that has brought about this rampaging wave of militarized police murders of our citizens.

I think his department at the University, American studies, needs to stand solidly behind the work of Dr. Correia because his actions and leadership make the department one to be proud to be associated with.

Too many times we see University administrators praising and promoting with big monetary rewards faculty who do research for the war labs and the military base here.

UNM does not disassociate itself from the programs and professors here who conduct death and killing research work, though they should.

I would like to urge the UNM regents and administrators to get in line and offer strong support and words of encouragement for the service and courageous leadership he has provided for our whole community in this time of crisis. We need more professors like him.


Bob Anderson, PhD


Editor’s note:

Below is the UNM statement in question. It is republished from the UNM website for context.

“The opinions and statements expressed by David Correia in a recent public meeting and on social media are his own. They do not reflect any official views of the University of New Mexico or its Board of Regents. He is speaking as a private citizen.”