At great risk of losing popularity, and in response to your May 7 front page article entitled “ASUNM parking summit gives drivers a voice,” let me suggest that rather than adding more parking spaces at UNM, we need fewer.

It should be painful to park at UNM for the vast majority of us who are otherwise physically able to get around. Humans need to severely curb their fossil fuel addiction (NOW). Making it easier for each of us to drive our own vehicles to campus is not the way to change habits.

Climate warming (and drying) is upon us in New Mexico (NOW). It’s high time the University community took a more progressive approach to commuting.

We should seek ways to encourage biking, walking or taking the city bus (free) or Rail Runner for everyone (who can) every day.

The fact that 13,000 parking spaces are available should appall all of us. Think about it the next time you fire up your engine.

Joseph Cook

Biology Department